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Department of theoretical problems in the area of artificial intelligence

The main task of this department is generalization of home and foreign actual investigations experience in the field of artificial intelligence (Computer Science) and national ideas.

The department highlights the fact of retrospective conception of artificial personality as the initial and the resulting task of new formation computer systems creation including "conscious" machines and constractions.

To find out and solve concrete tasks in the sphere of artificial intelligence the department processed two scientific and technical programs of investigations and processing for the period of 2013: "Intelligent computer means and systems of new generation" and "Intelligent robotic systems and devices of new generation".

The retrospective theory of Turing and some other investigators and scientists was theoretically grounded and renewed by the scientific works of the department. This theory confirms the necessity of principal joining of physical and intellectual origins of machines of future in order to step ahead in the field of robotics and systems and artificial intelligence devices creation with elements of artificial consciousness.

Nowadays the work of the department is concentrated on the decision of principal problems of intelligent means and new formation systems creation, which would be able to produce different imitated by the robots functions of man under the control of artificial intelligence or artificial "brain".

One of tasks directly carried out by the department is indirect participation in State scientific and technical program of Ukrainian State Industrial Policy "the Figurative computer" in which found its reflection the idea and opinions of scientists of the Institute about intellectual - computer and robot-technical systems of the future, stated in projects of scientific and technical programs, before developed by the department.

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