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Editing and Publishing Department

The Editing and Publishing Department is a constituent part of the Editorial subunit of the institute of the Artificial Intelligence Problems Ministry of Education and Science and National Academy of Science of Ukraine “Nauka i Osvita”.

The editing department of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Problems of the MES and NAS of Ukraine “Nauka I Osvita” was created in accordance with Statute of the institute “for solving the tasks assigned for the institute, the department has the right to carry out independently editing activity in the stated order”.

The certificate of including the entity of the editing department into the state register of editors, producers and distributors of the edited product is ¹ 444, series DK dated 08.05.2001, the type of activity in publishing is publishing activity, making publishing product, distributing the publishing product.

In 2000 the Knizhnaya Palata of Ukraine granted the institute the publishing identifier ¹ 7829 and placed a certain quantity of ISBN (International Standard of Book Numbers), in accordance with the list of publications, at the institute’s disposal.

The editors staff coopers ate fruitfully with authors from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, England, the USA, China, Spain etc.

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