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The Institute of Artificial Intelligence was organized in 1991 on the basis of a special design bureau "Intellect". The Institute is under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Academy of Science of Ukraine subordination. By the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (from 29.05.1997, No.526) "About higher and professional technical colleges structure improvement" on the basis of scientific-research Institute of Artificial Intelligence a new academy was formed - Donetsk State Institute of Artificial Intelligence. To organize multi-stage educational process and discover the most talented entrants two Lyceums "Intellect" (in Donetsk and Druzhkovka) were founded. Professionally technical college was included in the Institute as its structural subdivision. Presidium's Resolution of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (from 01.11.2002, No.272), in which rather high level of fundamental and applied researches in the sphere of artificial intelligence, working up, creation and replication of new software computer technologies for studying purpose was marked, became the new stage in the development of scientific-research Institute.

Presidium of NAS of Ukraine made the decision to include the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine and National Academy of Science of Ukraine into NASU Informatics Department establishments list, which was financed at the expense of the state budget, allocated by The National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

At present more than 340 researchers of the institute work over fundamental-theoretical and applied researches in the sphere of artificial intelligence. Scientific researches are combined with the process of studying. The Institute is functionally connected with other educational and scientific-research institutes of Ukraine, as well as other institutes abroad.

The Organizational structure of the Institute is defined by the character and the subject of scientific-research and project design works and changes from year to year. The scientific activity of the Institute is financed from different sources: at the expense of the state budget in conformity with the main perspective directions of development of science; at the expense of the funds, taken from sale of artificial intelligent systems, computer programs, electronic manuals, carrying out of phonoscope expert examination for force structures, as well as due to selling monographs, text-books and journals, printed in the publishing house "Nauka i Osvita" of our Institute.

Basic derections of scientific activity of the Institute are:

  • developing of intelligence interfaces and computers of new generation;
  • experimental design developments;
  • creation of robot technical systems and computers of new generation;
  • solving of general artificial intelligence theoretical and applied problems;
  • computer processing, speech recognition and image identification;
  • creation of natural language interfaces of modern computers and speech pattern recognition;
  • application of modern computer technologies:
    • in medical - biological researches of human brain functional possibilities;
    • in the sphere of education: creation of intelligence information-educating systems and development of computer manuals and guides;
    • in the sphere of psychophysiological researches of man's intellectual activity: development of tests for general level and quantitative evaluation of intelligence.

At present the Institute scientists are working intensively on development of computers of new generation with developed intelligent interfaces and intelligent special purpose robots.

    The Institute annually participates in tender fairs conducted by Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine (and also other ministries and departments) to define executors of scientific and experimental constructive work. Works are carried out according to the State Scientific and Technical Program "Character Computer" for 2000-2010, authorized by the decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.1562 from 11.08.2000. In 2000 the Institute has won the tender on performance of projects on themes:
  • (D 24) "System of human face detection in visual image";
  • (D 16) "Development of elements of voice translator from English to Ukrainian and from Ukrainian to English languages with use of computer means";
  • (D 1) "Development of theoretical and methodological bases of figurative computer creation".

On December 11, 2003 the State Committee of Ukraine on Standardization and Certification (Gosstandart of Ukraine) has given the following certificates: the Certificate of conformity 078461, UA1.092. 110206-03 for pedagogical software: "Electronical manual "Myths of the World"" version 1.0.0. and the Certificate of conformity 078464, U1.092.110207-03 for pedagogical software: "Electronical manual "Biology 8-9. A person"" version 1.0.0.

The Institute is presented at the permanent exhibition "Ukraine today" in the National exhibition center of Ukraine. At various times new interesting works were shown at exhibitions among which were the following:

  1. Scientific and program-technical development with recognition of speech and images:
    • computer system of processing and recognition of images;
    • computer phone with voice dial ;
    • computer system of phonoscopic identification of person according to his voice.
  2. Mini-E with electronic dispatcher.
  3. The infrared active gauge of movement as means of security and fire signal system.
  4. Computer system for definition of harmful radiation of computers.
  5. The computer test for definition of general I.Q. level.
  6. Multimedia - training programs:
    • "Multimedia - mathematics" - textbook on higher mathematics;
    • "English for children" - curriculum for children from 3 till 7 years;
    • "Computer Anatomy" - software product for studying of computer structure and functioning;
    • "Mathematical games for younger schoolboys" - training program;
    • "Multiplication table" - game curriculum for children;
    • "Myths of nations of the world" - electronic encyclopedia of myths;
    • "Encyclopedia of accidents" - electronic catalogue of global accidents;
    • "Around the world for 80 days" - curriculum on geography;
    • "Terra Incognito" - multimedia - program for rest and entertainment;
    • "3D-anatomy" - multimedia program about human physiology, structure of his body and functions of his organs;
    • "Streetball" - basketball game in which the player himself is a participant, instead of character controlled by him;
    • "Voice Equation" - program, allowing to carry out a set of mathematical formulas by means of voice without use of keyboard and mouse;
    • "Informatics in Ukraine" - textbook on computer science.

The Institute offers cooperation to all interested experts on the following directions:
  • computer processing of images;
  • recognition of speech information;
  • computer phonoscopic identification;
  • computer verification of announcer;
  • theory and algorithms of mutual graduation of multichannel systems measuring channels;
  • harmful radiation of computer;
  • theoretical bases of computer machine;
  • computer testing of intelligence;
  • operative computer recognition;
  • computer verbal description;
  • computer recognition of texts;
  • modelling of understanding processes;
  • computer express-identification of a person;
  • negative factors of intelligence;
  • dynamics of visual information;
  • computer processing of stereo images;
  • syntactic proof-readers of texts;
  • computer-topological systems of optimization;
  • computer systems of texts storing;
  • computer-television show-systems.

According to the decision of International seminar "Computerization of natural languages (KNL)" (Varna, Bulgaria, September, 1999) Ukraine is included in realization of International project "KNL". Institute of Artificial Intelligence led by its director Anatoly Shevchenko is appointed the coordinator of scientific-research works across Ukraine.

Donetsk State Institute of Artificial Intelligence has received the IV (forth) level of accreditation according to the status of the higher education institution: accreditation certificate subject to decision of the State Accreditation Commission from December 23, 2003, protocol No.48 signed by the Minister of Education V.G. Kremen.

On February 18, 2004 the special statistical service of the USA informed, that the million disk created by the scientists of DonSIAI - the multimedia manual "English and German for children" is sold. Among the countries purchasing CD - manuals developed by the Institute, the first place takes the USA, the second and the third - both Germany and Russia.

The Institute is the constant participant of the international exhibitions and conferences:

Qualification - '94,'95
(Hannover, Germany)
CeBIT - '93,'95,'96,'97,'98,'99,'2000,'2001,'2002,'2003,'2004,'2005,'2006,'2007,

(Hannover, Germany).
. KDS - '95,'97,'99
(Yalta, Crimea),
'2001(St.Petersburg, Russia),
'2003(Varna, Bulgaria)
. Ekspo - '96,'97,'98,'99,'2000
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
Medicine - '95,'96,'97,'98
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
Ukrobraz - '96,'98,'99,'2000
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
. Business and security  - '97,'98,'99,'2000
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
. Control Informatization '99
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
Search engines '99
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
Computer nets '99
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
  Guard, security, connection '99
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  Ceremoial meeting of Donetsk regional department of Ukraine technological knowledge Academy '99
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  Donbass-connection '99
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  Artificial intelligence  - '2000,'2001,'2002,'2003,'2004,'2005,'2006,'2007,

(Katsively, Crimea, Ukraine; Gelendzhik, Russia)
  EnterEX '2000,'2002
(Kiev, Ukraine)
  Donetsk - '2000,'2001,'2002,'2003,'2004
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  Commonwealth '2000
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  The international symposium on questions of calculations optimization  '2001,'2003
(Katsively, Crimea, Ukraine)
  Role of science, religion and society in formation of the moral personality  - '97,'98,'99,'2000,'2001,'2002,'2003,'2004,'2005,'2006,'2007,

(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  10 years of the CIS: potential of interaction '2001
(VDNKh, Moscow, Russia)
  Book business of Donbass '2001
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  XIII International conference of Religious Studies Institute of the Museum of Religion Histor '2001,'2003
(Lvov, Ukraine)
  Ukraine. 10 years of Independence
(Kiev, Ukraine)
  The person and Christian outlook '2001,'2004
(Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine)
  The exhibition devoted
to the 35-anniversary of
the Kiev area of Donetsk 

(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  The international exhibition
"Peking week of high technologies" '2002

(Peking, Chinese People's Republic)
  The international exhibition
"2002: Year of Ukraine in Russian Federation"

( Moscow, Russia )
  The international scientific conference
"Intellectualization of information processing" '2002

(Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine)
  Transparency and corruption in Ukrainian
higher education system 

(Lvov, Ukraine)
  Aautomated physician workplace - APW '2002
(Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
  Scientific - practical conference "Spiritual education and healthy way of life - basis of Ukrainian revival"- '2003
(Sevastopol, Ukraine)
  Scientific - practical conference "About scientific accompaniment for complex program of further infrastructure development and economy activity ensuring in island Zmeinyy and continental shelf" - '2003
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
  IV-th international forum "The world of high technologes" - '2003
(Odessa, Ukraine)
  Scientific-methodological conference "Phisical Education - Health of Students" - '2003, '2005
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  Regional press and book festival '2003
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  International conference "Information Technologies in Sociology, Economics, Education and Business" - '2001,'2003,'2004 (Yalta-Gurzuf, Crimea, Ukraine)
  II International Conference "Town, Region, State" '2003
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  II International Conference "Scientific and Technical Development: Economy, Technologies, Administration" - '2001,'2003
( Kiev, Ukraine)
  The All-Ukrainian Scientific-practical Conference "Problems of Efficiency of Enterprises Functioning in Modern Conditions"  '2003
(Sevastopol, Ukraine)
  II International Conference on Financial Analysis  - '2003
( Lvov, Ukraine)
  ICTA '2003
(Kharkov, Ukraine)
  "Step in the Future"  - '2003
( Kiev, Ukraine)
  III International scientific - practical conference "World of the Youth - Youth of the World"  '2003
(Vinnitsa, Ukraine)
  Annual International scientific - practical conference "Days of Science - 2002"
(Kiev, Ukraine)
  Interuniversity regional scientific - practical conference "Spiritual Development as a Factor of Person's Moral - Ethical Formation"  '2003,'2004,'2005,'2006,'2007,

(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  The All-Ukrainian scientific - practical conference "Scientific and Pedagogical Intelligentsia of Ukraine: History and the Present"  '2003
( Donetsk, Ukraine)
  The All-Ukrainian scientific - practical conference of students, post-graduate students and young scientists  '2003
(Sevastopol, Ukraine)
  International scientific - practical conference "Valuable Education Priorities of the I Century"  '2003
( Donetsk, Ukraine)
  The All-Ukrainian scientific - practical conference " Social and economic development of regions of Ukraine: history and the present " '2001
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  Regional student's scientific - practical conference " Democracy of the past and the present: tests by time" - '2001
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  The All-Ukrainian student's scientific - practical conference "Civilization of love or civilization of violence" - '2002
(Lvov, Ukraine)
  The All-Ukrainian scientific - methodical conference "Religious studies as a discipline: theoretical-methodological fundamentals of teaching in the higher school"'2002
(Ternopol, Ukraine)
  International scientific - practical conference "Values of Christian culture as a factor of moral - ethic formation of a personality"'2002
(Kiev, Ukraine)
  VI All-Ukrainian seminar of creative youth'2000,'2001,'2002
(Kiev, Ukraine)
  International seminar of creative youth'2000
(Gdansk, Poland)
  The All-Ukrainian youth scientific - practical conference "Christianity on the border of milleniums"'2001
(Kiev, Ukraine)
  The All-Ukrainian scientific conference "Phenomenon of modern religiousness - theological-philosophical, sociological and legal aspects" - '2001,'2002,'2003
(Lvov, Ukraine)
  International scientific - practical conference "Christian archeology" - '2001
(Sevastopol, Ukraine)
  Regional student's scientific - practical conference - '2001
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  International scientific-theoretical Conference "Pereyaslavskaya Rada of the year 1654: historical value and political consequences" - '2004
(Pereyaslav-Khelnitsky, Ukraine)
  International scientific-practical conference "Spiritual and socially significant activity of churches and religious organizations in the world and in Ukraine" - '2004
(Donetsk, Ukraine)
  II All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Economy of an Enterprise: Problems of Theory and Application" - '2004
(Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
  VI All-Ukrainian scientific-technical conference "Newroinformatics-2004"
(Moskow, Russia)
  International Scientific Conference "Actual Problem of Phylosophical, Politiligical and Religious Researches" (to 170-th anniversary of philosophy faculty of T.Shevchenko Kiev National University) - '2004
(Kiev, Ukraine)
  Education and Career of Applicant - 2005
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
  Scientific Practical conference "Ukraine in the System of Spiritual Economic and Political Coordinates of the Globalized World" - '2005
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
  I International scientific practical conference "Tolerance and Spirituality in the Ukrainian Society and Modern Concept of the problem of Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia"
(Donetsk, Russia)
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