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site elementes mean
1lbul.gif bulet
link the hyperlinks look on the site (not underlined, coloured link=#64649B (unvisited) and visited=#387272(visited))
RUS/ENG | UKR/ENG RUS/UKR | ENG/UKR UKR/RUS | ENG/RUS this is a switches to English, Ukrainian and Russian site version
this mark means that the product or the service are for a sale / "4sale"="for sale" :) /; click with mouse, you may receive the detailed information about the sales
boss.gif the man who has this pictogram is a boss
subscr.gif subscription pictogram; click with mouse, you'll get the information about the subscription
[ link1 | link2 ... ] at the square backets the menu points are indicated, which are hyperlinks on the other site pages as well

! pay attention to the site pictures - they may be links

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